Develop your apps with .local domains

Loco for macOS

$0.00 - $45.00

Simplify Local Development with .local Domains Say goodbye to cumbersome IP addresses and port numbers like Forget the hassle of manually creating HTTPS certificates! Develop and test your web apps seamlessly using convenient .local domains. How it works: Set up a .local domain: Choose a descriptive domain (e.g., webapp.local) and configure it within your development environment.Local network magic: Your .local domain automatically becomes accessible to any device on your local network (phones, tablets, etc.). All requests to that domain get routed directly to your development machine. Benefits: Effortless access: No more memorizing IP addresses. Type your .local domain in any browser on your network for direct access.Streamlined collaboration: If you're on a team, colleagues can easily access your in-progress work using the same .local domain.Secure connections: Set up HTTPS for your .local domains with ease, enhancing development security.

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